Monday, October 17, 2016

New York: Getting Settled

Classic DUMBO shot.

In 3 days it will be 3 months since I arrived in New York. Since my last post I got 2 jobs, quit one, made some new friends, found some old ones, spent a heap of money, cried 1.5 times, got drunk once, vomited from drinking once, been to 2 concerts, had countless brunches, been to countless museums, kissed 2 boys on the mouth, had 0 haircuts, bought 4 hats, gave one away, loved New York, hated New York, found peace with New York and now I’m here!
I’m sitting in one my favourite local cafes Sweatshop. It’s Australian owned but a Kiwi girl works here and I think the accents (yes even the Australian ones) are quite comforting, plus they do great flat whites too.
I guess I should catch everyone up on what’s been going on.
Well, yeah I got a job, sort of. I am interning at Harper’s Bazaar for 3 months. I am about halfway through now and it took me a little while to settle in, but I am getting used to it now. At my old job my colleges and I were like my best friends or like family even, we would all get all the goss from the weekend on Monday and knew everything about each other, we’d chat and laugh and eat cupcakes. But from what I hear the corporate work environment here is very, quiet, ‘no bull’ and professional which is literally the opposite of my personality but I’m slowly learning to behave like an adult... or just pretended I’m an adult until 6pm when I run home and give Kevin a wet willy. At first I thought everyone hated me, I literally skyped my mum after my first week and cried but now I’m learning not to take it personally. I was going to write a post with tips on interning in New York but I think the main thing is just to put your head down and work. Oh and print your CV out and take it to your interview. I don’t know why but everyone always asks if you have even though you’ve already emailed it to them. Dunno, maybe they all hate trees.

My main tip for getting a job here is exactly what everyone always tells you, it’s who you know. I sent out probably 100 job applications online and heard back from maybe 2. The only 2 jobs I actually got were through people I knew. The trick is when you get here just go meet up with everyone you know, hit everyone up, be super open, make new friends and tell them all you’re looking for work. Then the opportunities will come through those people and you will make some great friends too.

Leaving all my friends and family back in NZ was obvs pretty hard. I mean unlike a lot of people who leave home/NZ I wasn’t like “screw this place, I’m outa here!” I was more like “ahh well I guess I have to do this travel thing”. But the thing is I didn’t really want to go. I had it made back home, I had a billion crazy amazing friends, there wasn’t a minute I spent alone. I always had someone too laze around with, I had diz on Saturdays with Kath and Ben, I had spontaneous roadies with Tim, I had waterfront walks with Ty, I’d go to Golden Dawn once a month and get drunk then decide never to drink again. Who the hell would get up and leave all that!?
But I knew I had to go do my thing.
I’m slowly building up a bunch of really great friendships here. 99% of the people I have met have been super bloody awesome and I’m finding my new favourite spots. I have my favourite brunch spot already- CafĂ© Colette, I get the cheesy polenta and they do good coffee and there’s not a 2-hour line on a Saturday morning.
I have been finding some good dinner spots around where I am (off the L train Lorimer stop), my flatmate Kev and I try a new place every Sunday together so we can get to know the area better.
On the weekends I like going into town to Nolita area and going to the shops around there. That’s where one of my favourite stores Outdoor Voices is and also Happy Bones which is a NZ coffee spot and Cha Cha Matcha and all those trendy lil places are too.
I miss how quiet and tranquil Auckland is compared to here. At the end of every day in New York, you’re completely exhausted.

But I will say I do like the different sort of mindset it puts me in. For lack of a better word it makes me way more yolo. Like I am more motivated to do and talk about the things I always wanted to do when I was back home but sort of didn’t want to admit. I think that’s a New Zealand thing too. Like no one wants to say what they really want in case they fail or people think their idea is dumb. But here no one really knows who the hell I am so they don’t give a crap.
I’m putting myself out there and doing new things more which I never would have done at home because I was too chill and comfortable. So yeah I guess it changed my paradigm in a good way which is awesome.
I am also super proud of myself for the 2 amazing interviews I got to do so far for Harper’s Bazaar. I honestly didn’t think I could put any kind of interview or story together. I mean I have done my blog and written a couple of things here and there, but I don’t know I had like zero confidence in my writing especially because I was literally the worst person in my English class. But my features editor Olivia obviously believed in me for some wild reason and she must have my back, so I can thank here for that(btw she is a literal dream lady you should check out her Instagram/jewelry label.

So yeah, like anything there are some massive ups and downs. I find the downs are a lot harder here that they ever were back home because you don't have the same support as back home and the city can make you feel very small and lonely. But then the ups are way way wayyyyyyy up. I have already done more cool exciting stuff than I could have ever imagined and I have only been here 3 months! So who knows what the next 9 will bring.

If you want to know more about getting the Work USA visa go to the IEP website or you can just email and tell him you want to do what Maddy Budd did and he can sort you out. Everyone there is so lovely and helpful.

Also, let me know what stuff you would like me to write about next time by commenting below or tweeting me @maddybudd and I'll tell you anything you want to know about New York or moving countries. Any tips that you think would help or whatever!


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