Saturday, December 31, 2016

New York: New Home

Worst name for a blog post ever I know, but it sums up where I’m at pretty good. I’ve been in New York for about 4 months now and I’m starting to feel less like I’m just a visitor, and more like a local. Like this place is home. I know my way around the subway, I know all the good places to eat, I yell thing like, “I’m walking here!” when cars don’t give way to me at the intersections. A true New Yorker yells at least once a day. The city certainly has its ups and downs - just when I think I’ve had it with New York, something will happen that will make everything better just in the nick of time.

Big cities can be quite isolating at times, especially when you’re new to the place. I have made some great friends here now though, and that makes a huge difference. It was really special to celebrate my birthday last month with a table full of beautiful new friends, and then again for Thanksgiving (or friends giving) the next week. It’s hilarious how crazy Americans go for holidays - I’ll never get used to that. Everything over here is far too over-the-top and blimmin’ excessive.

I finished my internship at Bazaar at the beginning of the month, and then came home to New Zealand for Christmas break.  I loved my time there, it was tough in some ways, but I also learnt a lot from being in there, working away with everyone. It’s hilarious how I got the internship in the first place, because I’m a terrible writer (always have been, ever since school) but the opportunity just sort of presented itself and even though I wasn’t sure how well I’d do, I just said, “sure!” and the next week I was working up in Hearst Tower on the 19th floor.

When I get back to New York in January I will have to find a new job, which is kind of a drag, but exciting. I want to try something new, now I have done a bit of work writing it would be cool to work on the brand side of things, or maybe for a little start-up or something. Who knows!!

It’s hard to plan anything at the moment because I have no idea how it will work out. With my last job it was such a ‘right place right time’ situation, and I think my next job will probably come about in a similar way. Or I might not get another job and I’ll just have to come home again loll.

If I find a job I like, I can always stay on for a bit. A lot of my friends are on this trainee visa, I don’t know exactly what the details are, but basically you can stay another 18 month or something so that’s always an option if I want to stay.

Being home I do really miss New York, I have found my little place in the city and I miss a lot about it. One thing I don’t miss is the lack of beaches and the noisy traffic, but I know if I was living back at home I’d just feel bored and restless.
I guess right now I’m going through a bit of an in-between phase where I’m taking another step and I have no idea what will end up happening, as stressful as that is it’s really exciting. Especially after being locked down with school then uni for such a long time, now I’m free to do whatever I want which is an amazing feeling.
I guess my advice to myself and anyone in a similar position would be to just let yourself enjoy this freedom and uncertainty because so much of your life is planned out. It’s freaky but also really exciting! Oh, and also be open to everything and go for it. I’m the basically bad at everything but I do it anyway and I often surprise myself.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and an extraordinary 2017!!!! xxxx

If you want to know more about getting the Work USA visa go to the IEP website or you can just email and tell him you want to do what Maddy Budd did and he can sort you out. Everyone there is so lovely and helpful.

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