Thursday, February 9, 2017

New York: Back In The City

I’m back in New York after an obnoxiously long summer break back home. I missed what I hear was the worst of the winter here in New York thankfully. I am the most dehydrated I have ever been in my life, I think it was a combination of the flight and the weather here. My skin is having a compete mare and I can’t drink enough water. In the morning I wake up feeling like a raisin with a dry throat and eyes. It feels as bad as being in the high altitude in Aspen but it’s just a normal city where people have to live.

But dehydration aside I am so frikin’ happy to be back. I did feel a little over it when I left to go back to NZ before Christmas, I was excited to go home and escape for a while. But by the time I left home I was more than ready to come back. I’m just not quite ready to go back to living in New Zealand yet. Now that I’m back in New York I am so happy, I’m catching up with all of my New York pals and hanging out at my favorite little spots again.
New York can be super tough and it’s important to get out of the city every once in a while to reset and chill out for a bit. When it gets hard I just remind myself that I’m still so young and I’m going to spend most of my life back home being cozy and boring, there’s only a short time in my life where I don’t have things like a family or a career dictating what I can do. I can be where I want and doing whatever I want, and I should make the most of that while I can. Being here in New York makes me feel like I’m doing that.

Now that I’m back I am looking for work again. I finished my internship before I left so now it’s on to the next thing. I’m looking online and just talking to people I know and everyone is super helpful. I’m making the most of my time off before I start work again by exploring the city. When I was working I definitely got a bit lazy and stopped making the most of all the great things about New York. I finally went to the Whitney and actually had a night out with my friends for maybe the second time in a year! But even just things like walking through Central Park or over one of the bridges and around the city are awesome, even in the cold.

I can feel the end of my visa creeping up and I don’t want to leave! But I’m going to make a concerted effort to make the most of it while I still can.
Wish my luck for the job search and I’ll post again with new updates soon.


If you want to know more about getting the Work USA visa go to the IEP website or you can just email and tell him you want to do what Maddy Budd did and he can sort you out. Everyone there is so lovely and helpful.

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