Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I'm Moving Home!

In just over a week I'll be back in NZ lollll. I'm excited and weirdly anxious about it.
I think moving countries is always a stressful thing. I mean lugging 4 suitcases 14,369 km is enough to give me a-full-skits-Maddy-Budd-throwing-shoes-panic-attack. But luckily I'm flying back on a trip with mum so she can mum some of the stress away. 
Once I'm back I have to find work and all that stuff which is a drag but I'm excited about doing something new. 

My friends were all super confused when I said I was moving back because I had decided ages ago that I was going to stay here and do the O1 visa. I had actually paid for some of it and was halfway through the visa process when I decided that I actually didn't want to stay. 
I was so determined to stay and get my visa organised in time that I forgot why I came here in the first place. 

I came to New York to obviously travel and get some life experience but also to get inspired. Since I was like 10 I wanted to have my own business and work for myself and I had some ideas before I left NZ but still wasn't 100% on anything. 
Being here definitely did what I wanted it to. It made me excited and inspired and I actually think I know what I want to do now. But it's a secret I'll tell you later. 
So I don't need to hangout in New York for the sake of it. New York is really cool but I want to have my business and life back in New Zealand where I have my friends and my family and the beach. Plus New York is gross, and dirty, and loud, and really hot, and really cold, and honestly not a good place to be for too long. 

I know it's so obvious and everyone says it but holy shit I appreciate home so much more now. 
I miss my mum and my bed and having a car. 
I guess the lesson is to take a minute to really think about what you want, what will really make you happy and how you're going to make that happen. Don't do what seems right, do what really feels right for YOU, and then make bad financial decisions to make it happen. 

Also, have a mum who is even more neurotic than you are, so doesn't mind you Skyping her 6 times in one day to coach you through every emotion you feel as you make a decision.

I'll miss my beautiful friends here and my favourite cafes and shops. 
I'll miss dawdling around Williamsburg and Nolita ducking into shops and not buying anything. 
I'll miss all of the excitement and the pretty skyline. 
But I'll be back soon.
Thanks for everything NY!


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